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A cluster of ten volcanic islets around 2000 kilometres east of Java, The Banda Islands are as rich in history and natural beauty as they are remote. Before the mid-19th century, this tiny archipelago in Maluku was the only place in the world where nutmeg, the gold of the spice trade, could be found. Portuguese, Dutch and British traders, lured in by the promise of exotic spices, have all left their mark here. In Banda Neira and Banda Besar, the destination’s two main hubs, you’ll find crumbling colonial fortresses, warm local people, and spice markets humming with activity. Make like a local and head for the traditional market in a becak (cycle rickshaw)—dried Banda nutmeg, cloves and mace make a fitting souvenir from Indonesia’s famed Spice Islands. Feeling energetic? Scale 656 metres to the peak of Gunung Api for idyllic views. Below the water, vibrant coral gardens and impressive undersea drop-offs bristle with life and the water is so clear that you can see far into the depths. Mobula ray, dogtooth tuna, sea turtles, dolphins, hammerhead sharks and blue whales are among the marine inhabitants you’re likely to encounter. The Banda Islands are notoriously tricky (and time-consuming) to reach but a luxury yacht charter is the ultimate in hassle-free travel. Breathe in Banda’s beauty from the comfort of the sundeck as you circumnavigate this remarkable destination at your leisure.


The Great Nutmeg Island


Diver’s Paradise

Banda sea is the paradise for divers who love unique species and big fishes. It is also well know for its night dive with the Flashlight Fish.


Volcanic Aftermath

The volcanic remains that covers the bottom of the sea produces healthy coral gardens. Truly a unique diving experience.


Historical Wonder

Forts and castles from centuries ago, marking a great history value in Banda Islands.



Uncover Banda Islands

In the very south of Maluku lie the remote and hard-to-reach amazing spice islands: the Banda islands. In this country with more than 15.000 islands, this little archipelago is one of the most incredible you’ll find.